Water is Life

What's In Your Water

The basic understanding is that clear water, is good water, but that could not be further from the truth !

Bottled Water

Tap Water

Ionized Alkaline Water

MAJOR Health Benefits

Anti Oxidant

Your body is continually oxidizing and drying out like a sliced apple. Our Alkaline 9.5 water is the strongest form of liquid antioxidants available to the public.


This is the first and one of the most important aspects of what this machine does for us. It brings the water to a PH level of 9.5 which is perfect for drinking and balancing out the acidity in our body.

Micro Clustered

These Micro-clusters are 5 molecules in size, as opposed to normal water which is 20 molecules! This allows for much greater absorption into the body.


One of the most powerful features of our machines is the ability to make strong cleaning water that can remove the pesticides from your vegetables in ways you've never seen.